Selfies with the new head - Ravi the blue bengal tiger

  1. I absolutely adore your work!

    I appreciate it! Thank you!

  2. What are you? -art by me

    characters are my tiger fursona and Lateksiveli's panda fursona

  3. Another picture of Ravi the royal bengal tiger

    fursuit by: blackpawcreatures

    Picture by: Timo Virtanen

  4. Comission fursuit - Barnaby

  5. Comission fursuit - Vero the lion

    Ravi the tiger at Animecon XI

    Ravi: Julian

    Pyry: LumiWolf

    Photos by: Keeba and Tinka

  6. do you accept payments for suits over paypal?

    Yes, I do actually. 

  7. Hi!! I just found your work and damn I'm in love. Anyways, I was wondering how much a fullsuit would cost-on average-since you didn't have the info on your website. Also, for a partial, does it come with armsleeves or is that extra? Lastly, if I order a partial, can I order feet paws or must that be a separate purchase?

    Everything that you can’t find on my website is not available, sorry. Someday I’ll be making fullsuit comissions, but it’s till in progress. Partial includes armsleeves automatically. Feetpaws are also coming up with the fullsuit comissions. Thank you!