Ravi and Melvin by BPC

    Photos by: Chibbe

  1. Ugggh your heads are absolutely amazing. Hoping in commissioning you in the future!

    Thank you! I’m looking forward doing business with you 

    Selfies with the new head - Ravi the blue bengal tiger

  2. I absolutely adore your work!

    I appreciate it! Thank you!

  3. What are you? -art by me

    characters are my tiger fursona and Lateksiveli's panda fursona

  4. Another picture of Ravi the royal bengal tiger

    fursuit by: blackpawcreatures

    Picture by: Timo Virtanen

  5. Comission fursuit - Barnaby

  6. Comission fursuit - Vero the lion

    Ravi the tiger at Animecon XI

    Ravi: Julian

    Pyry: LumiWolf

    Photos by: Keeba and Tinka